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The Interfaith Speakers Network (ISN) is a collaboration between the Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta (FAMA) and the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta (ISB).  The ISN brings to their audiences an opportunity to hear and interact with local practicing representatives from 6 faith traditions: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism Hinduism and Sikhism. The ISN provides a unique opportunity to see different faith traditions working together.  Our panels are educational and they provide opportunities that facilitate dialogue and understanding between different religions.

Each panel engagement begins with an introduction of the faith traditions selected followed by a question and answer session where the audiences have an opportunity to ask questions that they have always wanted to ask.  In many of our presentations, it is the first time for many of the audience members to experience seeing people from different faith backgrounds working together and presenting together. All our ISN panelists and speakers are trained and certified to adhere to the First Amendment guidelines (teach and not preach) when presenting about their religion.

Our programs promote respect and religious pluralism by the way the panel models these behaviors.  We emphasize our shared values and practices while we also discuss our differences. 

Our Interfaith Panels augment middle and high school curriculum as they cover world religions.  College and university classes on world religions or related subjects find our panels as bringing what they study to live.  Faith based and civic organizations are intrigued by the information shared as well as the behavior demonstrated. 

Beyond the introduction, our panelists cover any of the following topics:

  • Health Care Panel – Taking Care of the Patient’s Spiritual Needs
  • Disaster Relief – What Do You Need to Know about the Different Faith Traditions as you Prepare for Disaster Relief?
  • Living as People of Faith – Challenges and Opportunities
  • The Values we Share
  • Women of Faith
  • Extremism in Faith Communities
  • Our Hopes for the World and How We Hope to Achieve Them

Duration of the panels:  60 minutes or 90 minutes

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I was very impressed with how the speaker handled the strong opinions from some of my student’s beliefs about Muslim women and how the culture influences their treatment.

College Professor