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The Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta (ISB) is a dynamic and trusted resource of information about Islam and American Muslims serving the metro Atlanta area and beyond. The ISB offers many services including customized presentations, Interfaith Panels, interfaith and community engagement and much more.  The focus of the ISB is to increase religious competency that leads to better communities and a better world.

Over the years, the ISB has been a voice of Islam and Muslims in the metro Atlanta area.  Annually the ISB engages in the communities we live and work in presenting to a wide variety of audiences including schools, universities, healthcare providers, law enforcement agencies and civic and faith based organizations. Due to our engagement in the community and impact, the ISB has received many awards and recognitions including the Emory University Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Award for Community Service.

Our volunteer speakers are members of the communities that we present to. They are trained and certified to engage with a wide variety of audiences on topics of interest. The presentations are customized to meet our clients and partners needs.  The ISB teaches about religion and does not preach.  This is true whether we are presenting about Islam and Muslims or our Interfaith Speakers Network (ISN) presenting about the world’s 6 major religions.

ISB was founded in August 2001 and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, apolitical educational organization. ISB was created by grassroots efforts, with no affiliation to other organizations (foreign or domestic). ISB follows the First Amendment guidelines. For more information on the guidelines, visit

With the significant population of over 125,000 American Muslims in Georgia and 100,000 in the metro Atlanta area and over 80 mosques in the state, there is a growing interest to know “your Muslim neighbor”. There is also an untapped buying power.  According to the Gallup Poll, the American Muslim community has second highest income level in all American faith communities.

ISB Purpose Statement

The Islamic Speaker Bureau strives to become the Islamic source for faith and civic collaboration promoting (community/civility/religious) understanding and inclusion.

We bring education about Islam and world religions to the public sphere within our communities.  We teach and collaborate in an open way to build a better tomorrow.

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ISB, P.O. Box 723426, Atlanta, GA 31139
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